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to a Higher level

Get a brief journey of your professional work in our app for every valuable time, all it takes are some simple clicks through your smartphone! With clean interface and important elements we provide you every work day as an important way to complete the daily routine.

Get Started

Take a Picture

Start the experience of taking profile photos in professional level by combining your check-ins and simply attaching a photo of you in real time technology. By this step you will later have a timeline of your photos through your work time experience. as an important way to complete the daily routine.

Time Tracker

Want to see your check-in history registration, easy just open Time registration and manage to filter between any days or dates that you want only offered to you by simple optimized filter tool.


The reminder system allows users to set up their time optimized manually, with simple adjustments the user will get notified in time to do the check-in. Let the check-ins roll.


Ensure that hours being paid out are accurate & fair through screen recordings.
Team Communication & Task Assignments.